Mosquito and Tick Control

Mosquito and Tick Control

Stop spending your entire summer combating ticks and mosquitoes. These blood-thirsty insects are not only bothersome but carry harmful and dangerous diseases. They are irritating to both you and your pets. Great Lawns Plus mosquito and tick control protect the entire exterior of your home from these and other annoying pests such as gnats.

Our technicians will visit your property and treat your entire yard starting in April, including all wooded and grassy areas where mosquitoes and ticks like to hide. We treat every 28 to 30 days providing eight applications through November. Start enjoying your yard again without the wrath of these outdoor pests.

The Application Process

Our team will come out to assess and service your property about every 28 to 30 days between early April through November. These are the months when mosquitoes and ticks are alive, well, and ready to attack. We treat the entirety of your yard, including the lawn, wooded areas, foundation, plantings, and the perimeter of your property. Each mosquito and tick control client will receive seven applications over the course of the season, allowing no time for these annoying pests to make themselves comfortable on your property.

Common Pests in Our Area

Our treatments primarily target mosquitoes and ticks but they will additionally protect against other common pests. These can include anything from gnats, to no-see-ums, and many more.

Great Lawns Plus will protect the exterior of your home from irritating pests so that you can enjoy your yard fully, without worrying about stings or tick and mosquito bites. We cover the entire exterior of your property by spraying your entire lawn and bed areas with 100% all-natural essential oil.

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